2014 Summer Hike Schedule

Spring Hikers

Each Tuesday throughout the year the members of the Avon Trail meet with their guests for a morning walk usually on a small section of the 100 km Avon Trail. Tuesday walks are multi-purpose mostly to keep the hikers in trim between major hikes. They also serve as a way of keeping an eye on the trail for maintenance purposes and the walkers enjoy the camaraderie whilst taking in the country air. See number 3, below, for more information.


A Few Things of Interest

1. We car pool.
We want to have the least amount of cars on the road sides as possible – this is why we encourage car pooling with a rendezvous. But if you do not live in Stratford, consider meeting us at the end of the hike‘s location.

2. 6th Edition Guidebook
It comes with coloured maps and will be available at the members meeting March 20th and at the various outlets afterwards. The cost are $10 for members and $ 15 for others. The outlets are listed on The Avon Guide web page.

3. Hiking Each Tuesday/Tuesday Morning Rambles - Year Round
All are weather dependent. Meet in the parking lot (off Lakeside Dr.) at the William Allman Memorial Arena, 25 Morenz Drive, Stratford by 9:00 a.m. to decide hike locations. Casual easy hiking. Coffee time usually follows. Contact: Dennis 519-273-6798

4. Looking for Shorter Hikes?
Avon Trail has compiled some suggested walks in the Stratford and surrounding area. Look here.

5. Hike Meeting Locations
a) EB Games, Festival Mall 1067 Ontario Street, Stratford N5A 6W6
     (Google Maps | Google Street View)
b) Stratford McDonald’s Restaurant, 709 Erie Street, Stratford N4Z 1A2
     (Google Maps | Google Street View)
c) Elmira McDonald’s Restuarant, 45 Industrial Drive, Elmira N3B 3B1
     (Google Maps | Google Street View)
d) William Allman Memorial Arena, 15 Morenz Drive, Stratford N5A 1A1 [meet Lakeside Drive]
     (Google Maps | Google Street View)

6. Hike Rating System
a) Difficulty of Terrain: Easy, Moderate and Strenuous
b) Pace/Speed: Leisurely - less than 2 km/h; Slow - 2 to 3 km/h; Medium - 3 to 4 km/h & Fast - more than 5 km/h
c) Distance: Stated in kilometres (km). Some leaders may provide a time in hours (h) as a courtesy. Stated times are approximations. Some hikes may take longer due to any number of factors such as weather.




JULY 2014

Canada Day ParadeArrow Right Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - Canada Day Parade. Easy. Slow (stop and go)
Time and meeting place to be determined. Avon Trail members are invited to join the fun and walk in the parade together behind the Avon Trail banner. Bring water, backpack, hat and walking stick. Contact: Bernard (519) 273-1468 or berngowa@rogers.com

Arrow Right Saturday, July 12, 2014 - Lake Victoria Walk and Potluck Garden Party. Easy. Leisurely. 3-5 km/1 h
Depart at 3:00 pm from 26 Glendon Road, Stratford N5A 5B3 (Google Street View). Bring a lawn chair, plate/cup/cutlery and either a salad, casserole or dessert. Punch and coffee provided. Contact: Shirley (519) 273-2513


Corn FestArrow Right Saturday, August 16, 2014 - Corn Fest and Potluck Social. Moderate. Medium. 6 km/2 h
Depart at 1:30 pm from EB Games, Festival Mall, Stratford to car pool to farm. Campbell Farm: 516346 – 11th Line, East Zorra, Tavistock. (west of Hickson one concession). Half way drop off point can be arranged. The hike will take the route of a new trail along the Thames River. Afterwards enjoy the highlight of summer - fresh corn on the cob and hot dogs which are provided. Also bring a lawn chair, plate/cup/cutlery and either a salad or dessert. Punch provided. RSVP by August 11, 2014 to Bernard at berngowa@rogers.com or (519) 273-1468