"Working up an appetite in the T. J. Dolan Natural Area
prior to savouring the ‘Soup’s On’ fundraiser for the
Alzheimer’s Society."

Soups On 2016

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4 Pictures of Stratford Parade Of Lights Float

16 Pictures of the Last 40th Anniversary End-to-End Hike

Adopt-a-Tree: 40 Trees for 40 Years Campaign

Trail Caution km 52.8 and km 54.3

The Avon Trail: A Short History

The Ultra Avon Trail End-to-End Occurred April 11, 2015
Thru-Run Is Completed - Read Summary
Cedar Bush Boardwalk

'Go-to-Blazes' Day 2015 Composite Picture
2015 APRIL 8 - Boardwalk moving day


About The Avon Trail

The Avon Trail is a linear hiking trail running from St. Marys to Conestogo, Ontario, Canada established and maintained by volunteers. Also, it exists due to the generosity of landowners. It provides a link between the Thames Valley Trail and the Grand Valley Trail. Red Arrow OVERVIEW of the MAIN TRAIL.

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The Avon Trail Guide

Next Meeting

March 15, 2016
7:00 p.m.
Kiwanis Community Centre Complex, 111 Lakeside Drive, Stratford

History booklet celebrates 40th anniversary of Avon TrailHistory booklet celebrates 40th anniversary of Avon Trail, which stretches 111 km from St. Marys to Conestogo - By Scott Wishart, Stratford Beacon Herald

Plants Along the
Avon Trail 

Trilliums, Poison Ivy, Giant Hogweed and Others.
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Join Us / Hike With Us

Joining The Avon Trail helps to support the objectives. Volunteering to help with various tasks would be greatly appreciated. Please join us: Membership Application here (PDF). Initially come as a guest. On the hike schedule a contact person will be listed. Call or e-mail the person. He/She will be able to answer any questions you have about the hike and give you more specific information about the meeting place.

Trail Users' Code

Trail User's Code
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Group Hikes

Volunteers prepare and lead group hikes. These hikes are submitted to the Hike Coordinator who compiles a hike schedule.

Trail Reroutes

The establishment and maintenance of the Avon Trail is a work in progress carried out by volunteers. For various reasons there are changes to the trail between publications of the Guide. Before going on a hike check Reroutes.


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What are those numbers in the Avon Trail Guide, like 43.296425,-80.973462?
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